--- Reprinted with permission from the Idaho Press-Tribune ---
These cyclists won’t leave you behind

--- Reprinted with permission from the Idaho Press-Tribune ---
club on wheels.”
Wherever they are, SPIN vows never to leave a fellow rider in the dust.
“We have some people who are very fast and some people who are slower,” said Lemieux. “But we always have one of our better riders take the rear as a sweep person to make sure no one is left behind.”
Of course, when SPIN takes its final trip at the end of October, riders may be traveling a bit slower as they make their way back after
breakfast in Star. But the speed at which they complete their ride is not important to these cyclists.
“SPIN is about the journey, not the destination,” said Lemieux.

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Outdoors Club Spotlight

Who: SPIN - Scenic Pedaling Is Nearby
What they do: Non-competitive road bicycling with rides ranging from 20 to 50 miles on various terrain. Riders typically stop and rest about every 10 miles. New riders are also taught riding safety, etiquette and the rules of the road.
When they meet: The group rides every other Saturday from March through October. For ride dates, times and locations, visit www.spinidaho.org.
How to join: Cyclists of all ability levels are welcome to join the rides. The only requirement is a bike and an ANSI/Snell approved helmet. No headphones are allowed. It is also recommended that riders bring water and a snack.
Club dues: There is no application or fee.
Upcoming activities: The group will take a 21-mile city ride that begins at 8 a.m. Saturday. Participants meet at the Healthwise office, 2601 N. Bogus Basin Road, Boise. From Friday, July 30, to Sunday, Aug. 1, the group plans to go on an annual end-of-summer ride in Stanley. Other rides are scheduled through the end of October.
Contact: E-mail the club at spin@cableone.net.