SPIN - Scenic Pedaling Is Nearby

SPIN is a non-competitive road bicycling group. The group was formed in the fall of '99 by Jackie Lemieux and Liz Bauer-Simon. See the Idaho Statesman Article for more information.

We enjoy the company of riders of all ability levels and bike configurations. The only requirement that we have for our rides is a helmet (and a bike, of course). We suggest that you bring water or other beverage, a snack for energy along the way, and a spare tube. Carrying your own tools usually isn't necessary as several of our riders typically have plenty to go around, but being prepared is always a good idea.

Our rides range from 20-50 miles over various terrain. We typically stop and regroup/rest every 10 miles or so. We've never lost anyone, and we've never left anyone behind!

If you have questions, click on the link below and you should get an answer within a short period of time.